Nici măcar nu știm de ce suntem în stare atunci când devenim vulnerabili! De acest lucru ne reamintește povestea de viață a australiencei Emma Carey. După ce corpul i-a rămas paralizat ca urmare a unui salt nereușit cu parașuta, a găsit în sine puteri pentru a se reabilita și a deveni fitness blogger!

You know those moments that are so perfect and so special that you know their worth even while you are living them? This was one of those. Three years ago to the day, my best friend and I hugged each other in the corridor of a hospital, but there was so much more to it than that. My best friend is the one who was on holidays with me when I had my accident, she is the one who went skydiving with me, who found me laying on the ground screaming her name, who rang the ambulance to come and get me, who slept on the floor next to my hospital bed and never left my side. We have been best friend since we were 4, so she has known me long before I had any injuries but the last time she saw me before this photo was taken, was when I was paralyzed and unable to walk. Jemma had to stay in Europe for another month after I was flown home to hospital and in that time I had gotten some movement back in my legs but I didn't tell her. The day before she arrived in Australia, I began to walk with crutches for the first time since being told I would never walk again. When she texted me to say she was on her way up to my ward, my physios and I quickly got me up on my feet so I could surprise her. I walked out into the corridor where I knew she would be and when she saw me she ran towards me and hugged me (which is when this photo was taken). She had no idea I could walk, so she cried and cried and so did I. No matter what anyone says, these are the things that are most important in life. The small, unspoken, unplanned, heartfelt, moments with the people who matter to you most.

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În 2013, Emma Carey, din statul australian Queensland, credea că își va petrece restul vieții paralizată. Nimeni nu știe de unde a găsit curajul ca, timp de un an, să se ridice pe propriile picioare, iar mai apoi, la vârsta de 23 de ani, să devină și un fitness blogger.

The difference just 30 minutes of stretching can make 👆. It might not look like much from the outside but let me tell you, it feels like the world. Hands up if you have ever suffered from back pain 🙋🙋🙋. When I left hospital after breaking my back, I was handed a box of ridiculously strong painkillers and was told to take them whenever I get sore (which happens to be all the time). I listened because I didn't think I had any other choice but to be honest the thought of constantly masking the pain with medicine never really sat right with me. A few months later I got a random message from @elle_fit and she had no idea if it would help, but suggested stretching for pain relief, so super intrigued and desperate I replied and said YES PLEASE. Fast forward three years and not only has she become one of my best friends but she has helped me beyond belief. She introduced me to stretching and reduced my back pain dramatically. Yesterday @elle_fit released her brand spanking new stretching guide and it is FILLED with everything you need to know about stretching and the million ways it can help you. Today, between these two pictures, I did the 'express session' for lower back pain which is a quick and easy combo of stretches that help take the pain away. If you are suffering with pain (anywhere in the body not just the back), please please please take my advice and try something new before going straight for the painkillers. Rather than just masking the symptoms, we can work on fixing the actual problem and getting long term benefits without any side-effects. Ps. You might have noticed that I never ever do paid posts or promote anything at all… so you can trust that I am telling you this because I KNOW that it will be beneficial to so many of you. I truly hope it can help you like it has for me 💛 head to @elle_fit's page to see the guide for yourself x

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Chiar dacă a avut bazinul fărâmițat, iar coloana vertebrală – fracturată în două locuri, proedurile medicale, voința și tăria de a se ridica din pat în fiecare zi au ajutat-o să-și revină și să-i lase pe medici fără vreo explicație.

„Am înțeles, curând, că trauma și toate complicațiile legate de ea mă pot însoți pentru tot restul vieții. Am hotărât să scap de ele singură. Am decis să nu las circumstanțele să-mi decidă destinul. Cel mai mult îmi doresc să savurez viața; asta e ceea ce fac în fiecare zi”, mărturisește tânăra.

When I saw this photo, the first thing I noticed is how flat my little old bum has gotten 🍑 As someone who used to be incredibly fit and active, I'm used to my legs and bum being super strong and muscular so it's been weird watching them slowly shrink over time. I used to get really upset knowing that they are only going to get smaller and smaller as my muscles atrophy but lately it's stopped bothering me at all. Let me tell you something… Legs are worth far more than what they look like. Your legs are two of the most incredible gifts you will ever be given, regardless of their appearance. Mine don't work even nearly as much as I would like them to but far out, look at the places they can take me. My legs let me play in waterfalls and walk on sand, they let me see the world from cliff edges and mountain tops, my legs let me stand to hug the people I love. This might not seem like much but after it's been taken away from you, it's everything. My legs are the reason people look at me strangely every single day but I love them and appreciate them more than I can ever put into words. We need to start looking at our bodies as the amazing machines that they are, rather than just what they look like. Next time you look at your legs and want to change something about them, stop for a second and think about all of the things they can do and be grateful. Ps. To all of my strong legged girls out there… Please never ever ever be ashamed of your legs, embrace every single inch of them and use them to do everything on earth. You have so much power 💪✨🍃🌏💛

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După ce s-a recuperat, Emma s-a mutat cu traiul într-un alt oraș, unde a decis să-și revadă prioritățile vieții. A început să practice multe antrenamente și să studieze principiile unei alimentații echilibrate. Așa și-a creat contul de Instagram al cărui scop este să promoveze viața trăită intens, alimentația sănătoasă șii modul activ de viață. Pagina ei este apreciată în prezent de aproape 60 de mi de utilizatori.

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